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Affordable Peace of Mind 

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Will Writing Service 

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Lasting Powers of attorney 



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A Will gives you total peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out when you eventually pass away. It’s all too easy to put it off and say “I’ll come back to it one day” or, “I’ve got nothing to leave anyway”, we’ve heard it all during our time but unfortunately our knowledge and experience tells us that this can and does cause problems for your loved ones after you’re gone. 
We at Classic Will Services make the process easy by visiting you in the safety and comfort of your own home to take your instructions and advise you of a Will that best suits your needs. But this is a changing world and these days a lot of clients prefer a video chat, phone call or zoom meeting, we can cater for all your needs, be it in the daytime or evening. 
Let us know your circumstances and what you want to achieve in your Wills, then you just sit back, relax and let us do the hard work for you. 
Due to the makeup of a lot of families these days, some Wills require trusts to be built into them, for instance married couples or partners who have children to previous relationships. We pride ourselves, even where a trust is required in a Will and trusts are rarely straightforward, we give a good understanding to our clients about the workings of a trust. 
We don’t stop there though, what about the other crucial documents we should be taking out, such as the important Lasting Power of Attorney documents. 
By now we all know the importance of having a validly written Will in place to protect your family and ensure your wishes are carried out after you pass away, but what about whilst you are still alive and kicking-what would happen if you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself, who is going to be able to act for you in your best interests. A Lasting Power of Attorney (or LPA) lets you appoint people that you trust to make decisions on your behalf and in your best interests should you lose mental or physical capacity. 
Taking out a Lasting Power of Attorney document needs to be taken out whilst we have the mental capacity to do so, we have so many enquiries coming into our office from distressed adult children and relatives trying to arrange for us to make an L.P.A for their parents, but unfortunately, they have lost their mental capacity and we are unable to help them, so they have to deal with total chaos and expense of going through a court unfortunately. 
We also carry out other Legal Services such as estate planning, Inheritance tax planning, Probate assistance (for when someone dies and their estate has to be administered) and secure document storage. 
Have a look at our other services and see how we can help you. 
We’ll help you plan for the unthinkable & unexpected 



 Lasting Powers Of Attorney  

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